Pro Wrestling League Season 4

An initiative of ProSportify and Wrestling Federation of India, Pro Wrestling League (PWL) is the biggest Olympic Wrestling League in the country. Established since 2015, PWL have successfully completed three editions. The PWL, in previous three editions, has recorded a total of staggering 3,764 points (Average of 70 points per match) scored by all the participating wrestlers.

The PWL Season 4 is set to be bigger and better than ever this year with the addition of a new team from Madhya Pradesh – MP Yodha. There are totally six competing teams – Delhi Sultans, UP Dangal, Haryana Hammers, MP Yodha, Mumbai Maharathi and the NCR Punjab Royals.

The PWL Season 4 will witness participants from 15 nationalities spanning across Asia, Europe, Africa and the American continent.

Delhi Sultans
Player Country Weight Cat. M/F
Pinki IND 53 KG F
Katherina Zhydachivska ROM 57 KG F
Sakshi Malik IND 62 KG F
Shustova Anastasia UKR 76 KG F
Rahul Aware IND 57 KG M
Kviatkovski Andrey UKR 65 KG M
Khetik Tsabolov RUS 74 KG M
Praveen IND 86 KG M
Sumit Malik IND 125 KG M
Haryana Hammers
Player Country Weight Cat. M/F
Seema IND 53 KG F
Anastasia Nichita MDA 57 KG F
Tayana Omelchenko AZE 62 KG F
Kiran IND 76 KG F
Ravi Kumar IND 57 KG M
Rajneesh IND 65 KG M
Parveen Rana IND 74 KG M
Ali Shabanov BLR 86 KG M
Khotsianivski Aleksander UKR 125 KG M
Mumbai Maharathi
Player Country Weight Cat. M/F
Vinesh Phogat IND 53 KG F
Betzabeth Angelica VEN 57 KG F
Shilpi Yadav IND 62 KG F
Zsaneet Nemeth HUN 76 KG F
Ibragim Ilyasov RUS 57 KG M
Harphool IND 65 KG M
Sachin Rathi IND 74 KG M
Deepak Punia IND 86 KG M
Baitseev Vladislav RUS 125 KG M
NCR Punjab Royals
Player Country Weight Cat. M/F
Anju IND 53 KG F
Mimi Hristova BGR 57 KG F
Anita IND 62 KG F
Vescan Cynthia FRA 76 KG F
Nitin Rathi IND 57 KG M
Bajrang Punia IND 65 KG M
Amit Dhankar IND 74 KG M
Dato Marsagishvili GEO 86 KG M
Korey Jarvis CAN 125 KG M
UP Dangal
Player Country Weight Cat. M/F
Vanesa Kaladzinskaya BLR 53 KG F
Sarita IND 57 KG F
Navjot Kaur IND 62 KG F
Epp Mae EST 76 KG F
Naveen IND 57 KG M
Pankaj Rana IND 65 KG M
Jitender IND 74 KG M
Irakli Misituri GEO 86 KG M
Georgi Sakandelidze QAT 125 KG M
MP Yodha
Player Country Weight Cat. M/F
Ritu Phogat IND 53 KG F
Pooja Dhanda IND 57 KG F
Elise Manolova AZE 62 KG F
Andrea Carolina COL 76 KG F
Sandeep Tomar IND 57 KG M
Haji Aliyev AZE 65 KG M
Vasil Mikhailov URK 74 KG M
Deepak IND 86 KG M
Akash Antil IND 125 KG M