Pro Wrestling League, Season 4: It’s a battle for Semifinals, Mumbai Mahrathi V/s Delhi Sultans

Greater Noida, 27 January 2019: On the 14 th Day of PWL Season 4, Mumbai Maharathi and Delhi Sultans will be combating. It’s important for both the team to win the match ,it’s a knock out situation for them.

If Mumbai Maharathi wins today it will assure their spot in the semi finals and if Delhi Sultans wins today they will have to wait for the result of tomorrow’s match between Punjab Royals and Delhi Sultans, they will have to pray for Punjab Royals to win. Delhi Sultans are lying on the bottom of points chart with two points and has won only one match out of four they have played. If Delhi Sultans wins today they will accrue four points and If UP Dangal losses tomorrow’s match it will also have four points then technical team will decide which team goes to Semi-Finals. On the other hand Mumbai Maharathi with four points lies on the fourth position of the points table, if they defeat Delhi Sultans their spot will be reserved in the semi-finals.

Delhi Sultans has defeated only UP Dangal this season and it is not easy for them to defeat Mumbai Mahrathi. It will  be very tough for wrestlers of UP Dangal to take down grapplers- Ibragim Ilyasov, Baitseev Vladislav, Vinesh Phogat, Betzabeth Angelica. It will be interesting to watch how Pinki faces Vinesh Phogat, this season has been great for Pinki. She has defeated all the legends coming her way, today it’s a real test for her. If she wins today she will create history .This match is going to be super entertaining for viewers, as the pressure builds more. Bout goes more thrilling and interesting benefiting the viewers.

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Delhi Sultans: Pinki (53 Kg), Pankaj (57 Kg), Katherina Zhydachivska (57 Kg), Sakshi Malik (64 Kg), Kwiatkowski Andrey (65 Kg), Khetik Tsabolov (74 Kg), Shustovo Anastasia (76 Kg), Praveen (86 Kg) Sumit Malik (125 Kg)

Mumbai Maharathi: Vinesh Phogat (53 Kg), Betzabeth Angelica (57 Kg), Ibragim Ilyasov (57 Kg), Shilpi Yadav (62 Kg), Harphool (65 Kg), Sachin Rathi (74 Kg), Zsanett Nemeth (76 Kg), Deepak Punia (86 Kg), Baitseev Vladisiav (125 Kg)