Pro Wrestling League Season 4, Day 12 Highlights: UP dangal thrashes MP Yodha with complete dominance, scores 5-2

Leg 3 of the Season 4 has begun in Gautam Buddha University Stadium, Greater Noida  and its  do or die situation for UP Dangal. Today they are going to clash debutant MP Yodha .MP Yodha has slipped to position third after leading the chart for few days. It’s an important match for both the teams as one is looking for comeback and another for survival in the season 4.UP Dangal is still starving for points as they have lost both the matches they played wheras MP Yodha after winning  two matches continuously lost both of their previous matches. Ritu Phogat has been a big disappointment this season for UP Dangal as she hasn’t won any bout yet. Its last opportunity for her to prove herself.Wrestlers – Sarita Mann and Pooja Dhanda had a great comeback after facing defeat in the beginning. Today when they will clash in 57 kg category it will give full doze of entertainment for viewers .

Stay tuned and be ready for a roller coaster ride .

Expected bouts in different categories are:-

CATEGORY UP Dangal   MP Yodha
57 KG MALE Rahul v/s  Sandeep Tomar
65 KG MALE Pankaj Rana v/s Haji Aliyev
74 KG MALE Jitendra v/s Vasil Mikhailov
86 KG MALE Irakali Misituri v/s Deepak
125 KG MALE Georgi Skandelidze v/s Akash Antil
53 KG FEMALE Vanesa Kaladzinskaya v/s Ritu Phogat
57 KG FEMALE Sarita v/s Pooja Dhanda
62 KG FEMALE Navjot Kaur v/s Elise Monolova
76 KG FEMALE Epp Mae v/s Andrea Olaya


8:57 PM: Sarita  Mann of UP Dangal named “Player of the day”. She thrashed  CWG’ 18 Silver medalist Pooja Dhanda by 6-5.

8:42 PM: Jitender locks Vasil’s leg and score more points for UP, Whistle blows Round 2 ends. Jitender wins it for UP. Scores 7-2.

8:39 PM: Final round of final bout begins and Vasil charges and takes down Jitender for 2 points. Scores 3-2, Jitender leads.

8:37 PM: Jitender charges Vasil and takes him down for 1 point. Jitender leads Vasil by 1-0.  Jitender attacks Vasil and takes him down for 2 more points Round 1 ends. Scores 3-0, Jitender leads.

8:35 PM: Round 1 of the final bout begins, Jitender grabs Vasil tries to take him down but fails. Scores 0-0.

8:33 PM: Final bout of the day to go between Jitendra from UP Dangal and Vasil Mikhailov of MP Yodha in 74 kg men’s category.

8:30 PM: Sarita charges again for 1 more point and whistle blows Round 2 ends Sarita wins it for UP Dangal.

8:28 PM: Sarita grabs Pooja and takes her down for 2 points and again attacks and scores 2 more points. Scores 5-2, Sarita leads.

8:27 PM: Pooja grabs Sarita and pushes her out of the mat area and scores 3 points. Pooja leads the bout by 3-1.

8:25 PM: Round 2 of the bout 6 begins,and Pooja starts charging fails to score and Scores 1-0, Sarita leads.

8:18 PM: Sarita attacks Pooja takes down her for 1 point and referee whistle Round 1 ends. Sarita leads the bout by 1-0.

8:15 PM: Round 1 of the bout 6 begins, Both grapplers playing cautiously neck to neck no points for either. Scores 0-0.

8:13 PM:  Pooja Dhanda to clash Sarita Mann in bout no. 6 in 57 kg women’s category.

8:07 PM: Georgi attacks Akash for 4 pointer again he takes down, 4 points more. Score goes to 12-1 and Georgi leads. An alligator roll by Georgi and R 2 ends Georgi wins the bout by 16-1.

8:05 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins,and Georgi scores again 1 point by push out and leads the bout by 4-1.

8:02 PM: A beautiful arms spin by Akash and leads by 1 point, Georgi attacks and takes down Akash for 2 points. R1 ends and Georgi leads by 3-1.

8:00 PM: First round of the bout 5 begins, Both grapplers lock horns.Both grapplers playing cautiously.Scores 0-0.

7:58 PM: Next bout to go between Georgi Skandelidze of UP Dangal and Akash Antil from MP Yodha in 125 kg men’s category.

7:56 PM: Ritu attacks vanessa for 1 more points. Vanessa takes down on the edge Ritu for 2 more points. Round 2 of the bout ends and Vanesa wins the bout by 8-3.

7:52 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins and Ritu grabs Vanesa pushes her ou othe circle for 2 points. Scores 6-2, Vanesa leads.

7:46 PM: Ritu grabs Vanesa and Vanessa counters and takes down Ritu for 2 points. Vanessa charges again for 2 more points and Vanesa leads the bout by 6-0. R 1 of the bout ends.

7:43 PM: Round 1 of the bout 4 begins,Venessa attacks and gets 1 point. Scores 1-0, Venessa leads

7:41 PM: Next bout to go between Ritu Phogat from MP Yodha and Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of UP Dangal in 53 kg women’s category.

7:39 PM: Sandeep attacks again takes down Rahul for 2 more points and bell rings and bout too. Sandeep wins the bout by 5-1.

7:37 PM: Sandeep pushes Rahul out of the mat area for 1 more point Scores 3-1, Sandeep leads.

7:35 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins, Rahul grabs Sandeep takes down him for 1 point. Scores 2-1, Sandeep leads.

7:32 PM: bell rings! Round 1 of the bout ends. Sandeep leads the bout by 2-0.

7:30 PM: Round 1 the bout begins and both the grapplers on attacking mode. Sandeep attacks and gets 2 point advantage. Scores 2-0, Sandeep leads.

7:26 PM: Bout 3rd of the day to go between Sandeep Tomar from UP Dangal and Rahul of MP Yodha in 57 kg men’s category.

7:21 PM: Round 1 of the bout begins, Epp attacks and Takes down Olaya , Its pin fall to olaya, Epp thrashes Andrea in just 27 sec. Scores 4-0.

7:18 PM: Bout 2 of the day to between Epp Mae from UP Dangal and Andrea Olaya of MP Yodha in 76 kg women’s category.

7:12 PM: Haji grabs Pankaj again and takes him down for 2 more points. Scores 16-2, Haji dominates, attacks and wins the bout by technical superiority.

7:10 PM: Round 2 of the first bout begins,Haji dominates again and scores 2 more points.Scores 14-2, Haji leads.

7:07 PM: An attack from Haji fetches him 2 points. score levels, 2-2.Haji attacks in row and collects a bag of points. R1 ends and Haji leads the bout by 12-2.

7:04 PM: Referee whistle! and Round 1 of the first bout begins,Pankaj grabs the leg of Haji and takes him down for 2 points and Pankaj leads the bout by 2-0.

7:00 PM: First bout to go between Pankaj Rana from UP Dangal and Haji Aliyev of MP Yodha in 65 kg men’s category.

 6:58 PM: MP Yodha has won the toss and blocked 86 kg men’s category and  block 62kg women’s category.