Pro Wrestling League Season 4, Day 13 Highlights: ISTUTI Punjab Royals seals victory against Haryana Hammers, reaches semifinals of Pwl Season 4

Today on the third day of the leg three its clash between top two teams of this season Hrayana Hammers and ISTUTI Punjab Royals. Haryana Hammers has been hammering each opponents so far whereas Punjab Royals has been defeated in only one match out of the three matches they have played. Today they will be fighting for the first spot on the points table. Bout of the day could be between Ali Shabanov of Punjab Royals and Dato Margarishvili from Haryana Hammers, these international grapplers has shown their worth and still undefeated .Let’s see whose winning streak is disrupted today.

World champion in 65 kg men’s category Bajrang Punia will be taking on 2018 National Champion Rajneesh Kumar. It could be an easy win for Bajrang Punia but also it’s an opportunity for Rajneesh to win accolades by giving tough competition  to Bajrang Punia. Stay Live with us for  the updates

      Expected Bouts Of The Day:-

CATEGORY ISTUTI Punjab Royals   Haryana Hammers
57 KG MALE Nitin Rathi (India) v/s Ravi Kumar  (India)
65 KG MALE Bajrang Punia (India) v/s Rajneesh (India)
74 KG MALE Amit Dhanker (India) v/s Parveen Rana (India)
86 KG MALE Dato Margarishvili (Georgia) v/s Ali Shabanov (Belarus)
125 KG MALE Korey Jarvis (Georgia) v/s Khotsianivski Aleksander(Ukraine)
53 KG FEMALE Anju (India) v/s Seema (India)
57 KG FEMALE Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria) v/s Anastasia Nichita (Molodova)
62 KG FEMALE Anita (India) v/s Tatyana Omelchenko (Aerbaijan)
76 KG FEMALE Cynthia Vescan (France) v/s Kiran(India)

9:02 PM: Dato Margarishvili (Georgia) of ISTUTI Punjab Royals named “Player of the match”.

8:53 PM:  Amit Dhanker attacks Praveen takes him down for 2 points and Amit leads the bout. R2 ends Amit Dhanker Wins the bout by 4-2.

8:51 PM: Final Round of the final bout begins , Both grapplers on attacking mode charging each other. Scores 2-2.

8:48 PM: Praveen attacks and Amit on the mat, Praveen gets 2 point. Score levels by 2-2.Round 1 ends.

8:44 PM: Round 1 of the final bout begins Amit and Parveen ready to take down, Both on charging mode and Amit takes down Praveen for 2 points. Scores 2-0.

8:37 PM: Final bout of the day to go between Amit Dhanker (India) of Punjab Royals and Parveen Rana (India) from Haryana Hammers in 74 Kg men’s category.

8:35 PM: Seema grabs Anju gets 4 points and now she grabs her one more point and scores 2 more points. Seema seals it for Haryana. Wins the bout by 8-2.

8:32 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins, Seema attacks but grabbed by Anju and she looks for a take down but fails. Scores 2-2.

8:28 PM: Anju attacks and takes down Seema for 2 points and Now seema charges gets 2 points ,Round 1 ends .Score levels by 2-2.

8:25 PM: Round of the bout 6 begins, Both wrestlers lock horns. Wrestlers seems very cautious and no points for them either. Scores 0-0.

8:21 PM: Next bout of the day to go between Anju (India) of Punjab Royals and Seema  (India) of Haryana Hammers in 53 Kg women’s category.

8:18 PM: Dato on full charge grabs him and holds him scores 7-4 now Dato leads, Round 2 ends Dato wins it for Istuti Punjab Royals

8:16 PM: Round 2 of the bout 5 begins, Dato on charge Ali counters and now Ali charging grabs Dato takes him down for 2 points. Scores 4-2, Ali leads.

8:14 PM: Ali grabs Dato and Pushes him out for 2 points. Round 1 of the bout ends score levels by 2-2.

8:13 PM: Dato grabs Ali and  pushes him out of the mat area for 2 points. Scores 2-0, Dato leads.

8: 10 PM: Round 1 of the bout begins,Both grapplers playing very cautiously and no points for either yet Scores 0-0.

8:09 PM: Bout 5 of the day to go between Dato Margarishvili (Georgia) and Ali Shabanov (Belarus) in men’s 6 kg weight category.

8:03 PM: Round 2 of the bout ends Anastsia wins the bout in full dominance. Scores 13-0.

8:00 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins, Anastasia again takes down Mimi for 2 points, She grabs Mimi again and gets 4 more points Scores 13-0, Anastasia leads.

7:56 PM: Anastasia gets 1 point and she leads the bout, She locks hand of Mimi and gets 2 more points  again she wins point and leads the bout by 7-0. R 1 ends.

7:53 PM: Round 1 of the bout 4 begins, Anastasia on attacking mode grabs neck of Mimi but she counters no points for either. Scores 0-0.

7:49 PM: Next bout to go between Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria) from Punjab Royals and Anastasia Nichita (Molodova) of Haryana Hammers in 57 kg women’s category.

7:45 PM: Another take down from Bajrang Punia for 2 points and Referee blows whistles Round 2 ends Bajrang Wins the bout by 6-2.

7:44 PM: Bajrang grabs the leg of Rajneesh and takes  him down for 2 points. Bajrang leads the bout by 4-2.

7:42 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins and Rajneesh charges Bajrang takes him down for 2 points. Scores 2-2.

7:40 PM: Round 1 of the bout ends. No points for Rajneesh. Bajrang Punia leads the bout by 2-0.

7:37 PM: Round 1 of the 3rd bout begins,Both wrestlers testing each other, Bajrang grabs leg of Rajneesh takes down him and leads by 2-0.

7:29 PM: Next bout to between Bajrang Punia from Punjab Royals and Rajneesh of Haryana Hammers.

7:26 PM: Kiran gets 1 more points and she grabs Cynthia but whistle blows,Vescan Cynthia wins the bout by 4-3.

7:23 PM: Round 2 of the second bout begins, Kiran grabs Cynthia and a 2 pointer for her, Scores 4-2, Vescan Cynthia leads.

7:21 PM: Cynthia Vescan attacks Kiran takes her down for 2 points and she  attacks again for 2 more points leads the bout by 4-0 after the end of round 1.

7:17 PM: Round 1 of the bout 2 begins,both grapplers lock horns , Both grapplers playing very cautiously. No points for either Scores 0-0.

7:13 PM: Second bout to go between Cynthia Vescan (France) from Punjab Royals and Kira(India) from Haryana Hammers in 76 kg women’s category.

7:11 PM: Round 2 of the bout ends and Ravi thrashes Nitin by 9-2.

7:08 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins, Ravi attacks and takes down Nitin for 2 more points.Scores 5-2, Ravi leads.Ravi charges again for 2 more points. Score 7-2.

7:06 PM: Ravi attacks Nitin gets 1 point and Whistle blows Round 1 ends. Scores 3-2, Ravi leads

7:03 PM: First round of the first bout begins, Both grapplers lock horns, Nitin grabs Ravi takes him down for 2 points leads. Scores, 2-0.

7:00 PM: First bout of the day to go between of Ravi Kumar  (India) Haryana Hammers and Nitin Rathi (India) from ISTUTI Punjab Royals in 57 kg category.

6:51 PM:  Punjab Royals won the toss and blocked 62  kg women’s category and Haryana Hammers blocks  125 kg men’s category.