Pro Wrestling League, Season 4: ISTUTI Punjab Royals to clash Haryana Hammers in the finals


Greater Noida, 31 Jan. 19: Defending champions ISTUTI Punjab Royals and runners of season 3, Haryana Hammers will clash in finals of Pro Wrestling League, Season 4 at the Gautam Buddha University Stadium, Greater Noida. Like previous season both team played in full dominance and thrashed opponents back to back. Yesterday, Haryana Hammers entered finals by defeating Delhi Sultans comprehensively with points on score board 6-3. ISTUTI Punjab Royals reserved their seat in finals by thrashing UP Dangal by 5-4. Today, top teams of this season as well as of previous  will once again collide together in the finals and it is going to create explosion of entertainment for audiences.

ISTUTI Punjab Royals with maximum wins, leading the points table. Out of 6 matches they played, were victorious in 5 whereas Haryana Hammers with 4 wins out of 6 matches is the second lead. ISTUTI Punjab Royals with wrestlers- “Padma Shri” Bajrang Punia, Mighty Dato Marsagishvili still looking favorite this season. These two wrestler are unbeaten and ruthless and always hungry for the points.

In the league matches Haryana Hammers has been thrashed by ISTUTI Punjab Royals. Although, grapplers of Haryana Hammers gave tough competition but they lost the match by 4-3. If Haryana Hammers wants to payback ISTUTI Punjab Royals they will have to take care of one of wrestlers between the – BajrangPunia, DatoMarsagishvili. Wrestlers of Haryana Hammers -Ali Shabanov, Anastasia Nichita, Rajneesh, KhotsianivskiAleksander had been phenomenal and today they will play hard and can’t be taken lightly. Every six minutes of the bout is going to be action packed entertainment.

ISTUTI Punjab Royals: Anju (53 Kg), Mimi Hristova (57 Kg), Nitin Rathi (57 Kg), Anita (62 Kg), BajrangPunia (65 Kg), Amit Dhankar (74 Kg), Cynthia Vescan (76 Kg), Dato Marsagishvili (86 Kg), Korey Jarvis (125 Kg).

Haryana Hammers: Seema (53 Kg), Anastasia Nichita (57 Kg), Ravi Kumar (57 Kg), Tayana Omelchenko (62 Kg), Rajneesh (65 Kg), Praveen Rana (74 Kg), Kiran (76 Kg), Ali Shabanov (86 Kg), Khotsianivski Aleksander (125 Kg).