Pro Wrestling League, Season 4:UP Dangal to clash MP Yodha in a do or die situation

Greater Noida, January 25 2019: Today on the 12th day of the PWL season 4 UP Dangal will be entering in the arena in a do or die situation. UP Dangal has a very disappointing season so far they have lost both the matches they played and on the other side winning streak of MP Yodha has been broken, once they were leading the chart and now lying on the third position. Each and every match is crucial from now as the leg three of the season has started and teams are fighting for the place in semi-finals. UP Dangal has to win the match today in order to stay in the competition.

Last two matches of MP Yodha has been very disappointing and today they are looking to gain confidence again. Both teams will be playing very hard today and it is going to be neck to neck competition. UP Dangal will be relying on wrestlers- Naveen, Sarita, vanesa kaladzinskaya, Irakli Misituri, Georgi Sakandelidze. Hrayana girls Sarita Mann had a great comeback after she lost first bout to Anastasia Nichita of Haryana Hammers and Team has great expectation from her today. Venesa Kaladzinskaya, Irakali and Georgi has been successful in defeating their opponents so far.

MP Yodha will be looking for comeback today and reserve their spot in semi-finals. Pooja Dhanda the face MP Yodha has won 3 bouts out of 4 this season. She has been very consistent from previous two years. It will be very thrilling to see both Sarita and Pooja locking horns today as when wrestlers like them clash together six minute of wrestling converts into a roller coaster ride. Ritu Phogat has continuously disappointed fans of UP Dangal , She has lost all her bouts. Today its high time  to prove her worth.


MP Yodha: Ritu Phogat (53 Kg), Sandeep Tomar (57 Kg), Pooja Dhanda (57 Kg), Elise Manolova (62 Kg), Haji Aliyev (65 Kg), Vasil Mikhaillov (74 Kg), Andrea Carolina (76 Kg), Deepak (86 Kg), Akash Antil (125 Kg).

UP Dangal: Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (53 Kg), Naveen (57 Kg), Sarita (57 Kg), Navjot Kaur (64 Kg), Pankaj Rana (65 Kg), Jitendra (74 Kg), Epp Mae (76 Kg) Irakli Misituri (86 Kg), Giorgi Sakandelidze (125 Kg)