Pro Wrestling, Season 4: Delhi Sultans to lock horns with Haryana Hammers in the semifinals today

Greater Noida, 30 Jan. 19: Delhi Sultans and Haryana Hammers will be taking on in the semifinals of Pwl, Season4. Match Venue is Gautam Buddha University Stadium. It has been great season so far, lots of comebacks and turnarounds, generated exhilarating experience for the audiences as its game where situations changes in seconds and points chart takes roller coaster ride. There was a time when teams like Mumbai Maharathi and MP Yodha were leading the chart and now they are out of the game. Today, one of the strongest team of Pwl Haryana Hammers will be locking horns with Delhi Sultans in the second semifinal of the season. Whoever, wins today will combat ISTUTI Punjab Royals tomorrow in finals.

Haryana Hammers had great inception this season winning three matches in a row and leading the point chart but their winning streak was disrupted by Mumbai Maharathi and ISTUTI Punjab Royals. Since, then they are looking for a great victory and today it could be the one. Haryana Hammers defeated Delhi Sultans in their previous match by 4-3 and now it’s a great time for Delhi Sultans to pay back. Delhi Sultans had a slow start but they made a great come back by defeating Mumbai Maharathi by 5-2 in that match their foreign recruits- Katherina Zhydachivska, Shustova Anastasia, Bragim Ilyasov, Kviatkovski Andrey fought exceptionally well and made their team victorious. Hrayana Hammers has defeated Delhi Sultans in their previous match and its grapplers will be entering into the arena with boost up confidence but they can’t take Delhi Sultans lightly.

Wrestlers of Delhi Sultans-Katherina Zhydachivska, Khetik Tsabolov, Kviatkovski Andrey, Sakshi Malik, Shustova Anastasia and Pinki are in a great form and has ability to knock down any grappler.It was not easy for Haryana Hammers to seal victory against Delhi Sultans in the last match. Delhi Sultans gave very tough competition and today Sultans will push their limit to enter finals.  Every bout of the day will take viewers to the next level of entertainment. So, Stay tuned with us for Updates.