Pro Wrestling League Season 4, Day 15 Highlights: Despite facing defeat by ISTUTI Punjab Royals, UP Dangal qualifies for semifinals.

One more important battle of Pwl Season 4 to be fought at Gautam Buddha University Stadium, Greater Noida between ISTUTI Punjab Royals and UP Dangal. Yesterday was the day of Delhi Sultans against Mumbai Mahrathi and today fans of UP Dangal will be expecting same. UP Dangal has a pathetic season so far won only one match out of four and today it’s their fight for existence. ISTUTI Punjab Royals has already sealed their spot in semi-finals and this season they are favorite for the title and to defeat them UP Dangal have to push an extra limit. UP Dangal is depending upon grapplers- Irakli Misturi (Georgia), Epp Mae (Estonia), Sarita (India).

It’s going to be very interesting to watch when two top Georgian grapplers will combat together from different teams. Sarita who is representing UP Dangal has fought very well so far but today she will be grappling Bulgarian Mimi Hristova and to defeat her Sarita will have to push her limits as Mimi has been phenomenal this season. From this day viewers will be expecting same thrill as of yesterday’s and we guarantee you. Stay tuned with us for updates.

Expected bouts in different categories :-

CATEGORY ISTUTI Punjab Royals   UP Dangal
57 KG MALE Nitin Rathi (India) v/s Amit (India) (BLOCKED)
65 KG MALE Bajrang Punia (India) v/s Pankaj Rana (India)
74 KG MALE Amit Dhanker (India) v/s Jitender (India)
86 KG MALE Dato Magarishvili (Georgia) v/s Irakli Misturi (Georgia)
125 KG MALE Korey Jarvis (Canada) v/s Georgi Sakandelidze (Qatar)
53 KG FEMALE Anju  (India) v/s Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (Belarus)
57 KG FEMALE Mimi Hristova ( Bulgaria) v/s Sarita (India)
62 KG FEMALE Anita (India) v/s Navjot Kaur (India)
76 KG FEMALE Cynthia Vescan (France) 


v/s Epp Mae (Estonia)

9:02 PM:  Anita from ISTUTI Punjab Royals named  “Player of the Match”

8: 47 PM: Amit again attacks and takes down Jitender, gets 2 more points and Jitender attacks for 2 more points and Jitender grabs the leg of Amit and a take down from him fetches 2 more points. Round 2 ends, Jitender wins the bout by 10-9.

8:45 PM: Jitender  attacks tries to take down Amit, Amit counters and Scores 6-3, Jitender leads. Now Amit attacks takes down Jitender for 4 pointer. Scores  7-6.

8:43 PM: Final round of final bout begins, Amit grabs leg of Jitender tries push out for 1 point. Scores 3-1, Jitender leads.

8:40 PM: Jitender gets 1 point advantage and again a take down by Jitender. Whistle blows roud 1 ends. Jitender leads the bout by 3-0.

8:36 PM: Round 1 of the final bout begins, Both grapplers playing cautiously no points for either.Scores 0-0.

8:34 PM: Final bout to go between Amit Dhanker (India) from Punjab Royals and Jitender of UP dangal in men’s 74 kg category.

8: 33 PM: whistle blows and Round 2 ends Anita wins by the last Point. Scores 1-1.

8:31 PM: Both grapplers playing aggressive and a single leg take down attack from Navjot but Anita counters. No points for either Scores 1-1.

8:30 PM: Round 2 of the bout 6 begins,Navjot on attacks and Anita counters tries a push out and gets 1 point. Score levels 1-1.

8:27 PM: Navjot Kaur attacks and gets 1 point advantage against Anita and Round 1 of the bout ends. Navjot Kaur leads the bout by 1-0.

8:23 PM: Round 1 of the bout begins,Both grapplers playing very cautiously no points for either. Scores 0-0.

8:20 PM: Bout 6 of the day to go between  Anita (India) from Punjab Royals and Navjot Kaur (India) of UP Dangal in women’s 62 kg category.

8:18 PM: Both grabbing legs of each  other and a brilliant push out by Dato for 3 points. Scores 5-0, Dato leads. Dato on charge again wins it for Punjab. Scores 5-0.

8:15 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins, neck to neck fight between the two both trying to score but no points for either. Scores 2-0, Dato leads.

8: 12 PM: Dato dominates and whistle blows Round 1 ends Dato leads the bout  by 2-0.

8:08 PM: Round 1 of the fifth bout begins, Irakli  attacks but a counter from Dato now Dato on charge takes down Irakli for 2 points lead. Scores 2-0.

8:03 PM:  Bout 5 of the day to go between Dato Magarishvili (Georgia) from Punjab Royals  and Irakli Misturi (Georgia) of UP Dangal  in men’s 86 kg

8:00 PM:  Its a hustle! for points, Mimi dominating and a takes down Sarita for 2 more points. Round 2 ends and Mimi Hristova wins it for Punjab. Scores 4-2.

7:57 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins,Sarita on charge again Mimi counters looking for comeback takes down for 2 points. Scores 2-2.

7:53 PM: Sarita attacks and gets 1 point advantage over Mimi, and now Sarita pushes out Mimi for 1 more poit. Round 1 ends Sarita leads the bout by 2-0.

7:49 PM: Round 1 of the bout 4 begins, Grapplers lock horns. Sarita on attack but fails to score no points for either. Scores 0-0.

7:47 PM: Bout 4 of the day to go between Mimi Hristova ( Bulgaria) from ISTUTI Punjab Royals  and Sarita (India) of UP Dangal in 57 Kg women’s category.

7:44 PM: A leg lace from Pankaj Rana but fails to score as Bajrang counters, Bajrang locks the leg of Punjab and scores 2 more points. Round 2 end and Bajrang Punia once again wins it for Punjab Royals. Scores 7-0.

7:41 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins,Bajrang on charge again takes down Pankaj for 2 more points. Scores 5-0, Bajrang Punia leads.

7:38 PM: Bajrang attacks grabs the leg of Pankaj Rana and takes down him for 2 points. whistle blows and Round 1 ends. Bajrang leads the bout by 3-0.

7:35 PM: First round of the bout 3 begins, Pankaj giving equal competition to Bajrang Punia, An attack from Bajrang Punia and gets 1 poin t advantage. Scores 1-0, Bajrang leads.

7:31 PM: Next bout to between Bajrang Punia (India)  from Punjab Royals and Pankaj Rana (India) of UP Dangal  in 65 kg men’s category.

7:28 PM: Anju showing agility grabs the leg of Vanesa but fails to score, Vanesa counters and gets 1 more point. Now its an attack from Anju for 2 points.Vanesa takes down for 2 more points. Round 2 ends, Vanesa wins the bout by 12-6.

7:27 PM: Round 2 of the bout begins, Vanesa on attack takes down Anju for back to back 2 points. Scores 9-4, Anju leads.

7:24 PM: Anju on charge again attacks but fails to take down Vanesa but fails to score. A take down from Vanesa for 2 points. Vanesa leads the bout by 5-4 at the end of round 1.

7:23 PM: Anju attacks again and a counter by Vanesa 1 point for Vanesa, Again a take down from Vanesa for 2 points. Scores 4-3, Anju leads.

7:20 PM: First round of second bout begins, Anju goes aggressive from the beginning and pushes out Vanesa for 4 pointer leads the bout by 4-0.

7: 18 PM: Second bout of the day to go between Anju  (India) from ISTUTI Punjab Royals and Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (Belarus) of UP Dangal  in 53 kg women’s category.

7:12 PM: Korey pushes out Georgi for 1 pointer and leads the bout by 2-1, again now Georgi on charge grabs Korey and Rolls. Bout ends Georgin wins it for UP Dangal by 4-2.

7:10 PM: Round 2 of the first bout begins, Georgi again attacks but a counter by Korey and Korey gets 1 point. Scores 1-1.

7:07 PM:  Both grapplers  wrestling  safe  and here comes an advantage of 1 point for Georgi Sakandelidze (Qatar), Round 1 ends. Scores 1-0.

7:04 PM: First Round of the first bout begins, georgy tries arm spin but fails to score. No points for either. Scores 0-0.

7:00 PM: First bout to go between Korey Jarvis (Canada)  from Punjab Royals and Georgi Sakandelidze (Qatar) of UP Dangal  in men’s 125 kg category.

6:57 PM: Punjab Royals  won the toss and blocks 76 kg women’s category and to block 57 kg men’s category.