Kartikeya Sharma

Kartikeya Sharma


Founder and Promoter, Pro Wrestling League

Pro Wrestling League is an initiative of ProSportify owned by Mr. Kartikeya Sharma, Founder & Promoter of ProSportify Pvt. Ltd. Pro Wrestling League is the earnest initiative of ProSportify.

For India to succeed consistently in any particular sport at the International Arena, and if we are to have an even playing field for our Indian athletes, our approach to the sport has to be professional and world class.

We can succeed only if the respective sporting body, infrastructure, training and coaching processes, science and technology, equipment, talent and business acumen to build and market the sport, all come together, at the same time.

‘ProSportify’ is our earnest effort to bridge the gap in Indian sport, and catalyze talent to sporting glory. “Our philosophy as a company reflects in our name itself, our approach is to uplift and transform the sports while keeping the culture and heritage of the sports intact. We will focus on building sport in a 360-degree approach, which leaves all stakeholders, including the viewers/spectators and sponsors happy.

Our first venture is the “Pro Wrestling League”, which has successfully completed three editions. The League has given Indian Wrestlers, the much-needed platform, to perform and provides them a 360 degree exposure that has encouraged them to go a notch above in their performances.

Its celebration time for the sport of wrestling in India in particular and the world over in general. This endeavor is going to get more rewards and recognition for the Wrestlers. We hope to create wealth for the Wrestlers, by providing the big cash prizes to the winners.

Our company will have diversified interests in Sports and Leagues in the country with the objective of making India shine in the field of sports at the global level and usher a new era.